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The game has no sound


Fan freaking tastic

ok so I only downloaded this app because the title sounds like something someone addicted to crack would say, but its actually one of my most played games. you dont need to focus on it so I play it all the time. added bonus, the icon looks like a dick and DOUBLE BONUS you can dress the dick up. 10/10 would recommend. peace out


Ok dont get me wrong, I love this game but when ever I exit it and come back in, there is a 5 second mini tutorial on it and it is super annoying. I think that it should only happen once or when u turn it on or something. I just think it is super unnecessary. If that was not there, then this so gets a 5 star rating, but I just cant do that. Sorry ☄


Super fun but every 4 trys I get an ad

fun but...

So many ads, at least remove the one that mutes your volume.

Cool game

Its a cool game but I wish you had music on here please add some

Bummed out...

when I found out this game wasnt about cocain. Still fun though!


so much fun , easy to learn and great music what more can you ask for?

love it - but some bugs

i love this game! its so fun to use to pass the time however there are some bugs that need to be fixed. sometimes it wont grab onto the closest point, or there are delays that cause the line to go crooked. i also dont like that the tutorial comes up all the time also, regardless of what character i pick it always reverts back to the last one on the list

One more line

Great! Difficult, but with time it becomes more and more addictive. Great concept, music, colors. Bravo!

Interesting but really difficult

A game difficulty option should be added. Also, more than one life should be added as otherwise the game becomes easily and rapidly annoying to play.

Lag and too much pub

Since the last update the game lag each time the iads pub is loaded and each time Game Center banner is displayed. The resolution is not good with iPhone 6.

Update asap

App not optimised at all. Too much lags.

Top dms

Melhor jogo "beat yourself" da App Store

Impossible with this banner!

Good game but impossible to play with banner! I click in banner all the time!

Pretty cool, except for the spinning

When the player icon spins around one of those dots the whole image moves along with it. Not sure if this was intentional, maybe to make the game more trippy or something, but it kind of makes you sick...

fast. mean. beautiful

Control a game with your thumb? Sounds easy, but needs some practice. Feel like Rosetta in outer space catching comets and enjoy the soundtrack and the beauty of this addictive casual

Fracking addictive

and visually pleasing as well. Just one more line I always tell myself. Great work!

Poor control

The release of the game isnt accurate at all

Way to hard

To be enjoyable. There are a lot of unfair situation where you just cant move out of the way.

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